Synastry Readings (two or more people/entities)

Anthropo-Astrological Synastry (two or more people ) Readings

Syn-astry, in ancient Greek, means “same star”, and it is a reading for two or more people that explores the compatibility and the dynamics inherent in the relationship/s between the people involved.

Sarah Klockars-ClauserA Synastry reading is a great tool for looking at the role of the individuals involved in any type of relationship, be it an intimate partnership or marriage, a child-parent relationship, a relationship between siblings and family members in general, or friendships, business relationships and partnerships.

All relationships are, potentially, journeys that can offer us immeasurable opportunities for spiritual growth. Often times the relationships that are the most difficult are our most important teachers, but it can be challenging to understand how to get past the conflict, pain and strife, and access the beauty and the growth they hold within them.

A synastry can help focus on some of the deeper aspects and purpose of any type of relationship, bringing to light both the positive elements and the more difficult areas that need some work to harmonize.

Many people turn to synastry readings for help in understanding their intimate relationships, but they can also offer amazing insight into relationships with family members, friends, and work/business partnerships and collaborations.

734379_radiant_pool Graham SoultRelationships of all kinds, just like the individuals who comprise them, are continually changing and hopefully growing, and they offer each of us incredible opportunities to learn how to evolve into ever greater wholeness.

An Anthropo-Astrological Synastry Reading can help you see how the 809401_grahams_garden_1 relationship you are inquiring about is contributing to, or hindering, your personal evolution, and what you can do to try to improve things, or what you must learn to let go of.

Often times the conflict we experience in our intimate partnerships, in our relationships with our families of origin or our children, in our friendships, our neighborhoods and the workplace is a “nudge” to help us learn to develop our ability to be in tune with our own deeper Selves, while acknowledging also the unique value of the other. Part of our path on this earth is to learn how to step out of our egoism, and our relationships with others are an essential help in this process!

This does not mean, however, that if we are caught in a pattern of painful and abusive relationships we should continue to stay in them. If you are experiencing a lot of pain and strife in an intimate relationship, in your relationship with parents, siblings or other family members, with your children, your boss, colleagues or with a close friend, a synastry reading can help bring to light whether the conflict we experience is “growth oriented” conflict, or not. This distinction is often very difficult to make, and it is an essential one when trying to gain clarity about what we can and must do to improve our relationships, and what we have little or no control over.


The clarity we can gain through this knowledge can help us make new decisions about our lives, so we can free ourselves from the bondage of difficult relationships, and move forward into greater peace, love and fulfillment, first of all within ourselves.

All my readings incorporate Astrological information as well as Human Design insights, to give you a very clear view of yourself and your relationship, and of what can be changed, what is energetically determined, and what, instead, is present as a transformational “nudge” for both you and the other person.

For synastry readings I also offer the written and verbal options, as described below. The higher cost per hour of the verbal readings is due to the fact that I always run and study the charts before the actual consultation takes place, so the time expended for me is actually considerably greater than the consultation itself. The higher cost for the written reading follows the same principle (and actually, I often spend as many as 10 or more hours on a complete written reading; for a verbal one I can spend up to 3 hours in preparation for it; the reason why I request more per hour for the verbal one is that the verbal contact requires also a considerable expenditure of my energy compacted in that small amount of time!)

Written Synastry Readings

Basic (3-5 pages) : touches on the most important elements in the chart comparison and offers some suggestions as to what the individuals involved can focus on to deepen and improve their interaction. Includes a brief overview of the energy types as defined in Human Design and a discussion of essential ways the couple can be mindful of each others’ unique needs in terms of self-care.

Cost: $180

Complete (approx. 8 pages) : Includes the elements of a basic reading, and goes more in depth as to the relationship dynamics seen in the charts. A Complete Reading offers specific suggestions as to how the individuals involved can improve their interaction and smooth out rough areas, while enhancing compatibility; it also offers info on the individuals’ Human Design Types and what it is important that they be aware of so as to become more capable of accepting and honoring the other’s unique type of energy and expression.

Cost: $230

Verbal Synastry Readings

First Time Basic: A Basic Verbal Synastry Reading covers an overview of the chart comparison, and focuses on those areas that need special care and attention to make the relationship flow. During the verbal reading questions are welcome, and the reading follows the flow of your particular need or desire for clarity in specific areas. 1 hr – $150

Tune-up Readings (after you have had a first time Basic Reading for yourself and another person) – A Tune Up Synastry Reading offers you more in-depth information on the relationship, perhaps in another moment in time. Since a first reading has already been done, you can use a Tune Up reading to focus on harmonizing specific areas of conflict and become even more clear about the basic goals of the relationship. 1 hr – $125

Family, Business and Other Group Readings

These are similar to a synastry reading, in that they look at all of the individuals involved as well as the dynamics of the relationships between them. A family, group or team reading can help focus on what the “talents” are of each of the partners or group members, so as to better accomplish the project’s goals, whether the project be that of a family or a business partnership or team.
It is a wonderful way for families and groups to learn to honor the unique individuality of all the people involved, and work together towards a common purpose.

Contact me for a personalized quote, depending on the number of people involved and its particular kind of group project.

Event, Project, Wedding and Business Entity Readings

You can also request readings for entities or projects, for example for your business or association, for weddings and for other types of specific group projects or events.

These can be really great tools to get a sense of what the “personality” and the underlying purpose is with regards to a “non-physical” or “non-human” entity. It is really quite touching and amazing to see how helpful such readings can be.